Thursday, July 31, 2008

Freaking. OUT.

I'm assuming a part of this blog is to track our activities, as we embark upon our alternative careers? Or at least, engage in activities that will hamper our primary careers, and throw our lives into disarray?


About a month ago i actually signed up for the 2 Fall Term classes i will need, as part of my first year in the Masters' of Education i'm enrolled for. This program i chose specifically because i will only be in school full time for one year, after which i will be teaching with a provisional certificate while i finish 2 more years of school. (I am being deliberately vague with terminology on the very off chance that my place of work discovers my plan. I think it's unlikely, but if i start naming cities, states, colleges, or programs, you'd be surprised how quickly people can put things together.)

Anyway, last night i actually took steps to pay the bill. It is due 22 August; however, i am leaving tomorrow for a 2 week road trip to first visit my family, then spend a week at GenCon. At least the excitement about the trip is dulling the panic.

Where am i going to come up with $3k in cash all at once? I technically have it, scattered throughout various savings accounts, but that's for an EMERGENCY. My naturally stingy nature is balking at writing a check that big.

How am i going to attend the once biweekly classes? They are 190 miles from my house, at 6pm on a Tuesday. I have come up with a plan that involves leaving work at 2, driving for 3 hours, hoping i don't hit traffic, attending class, staying the night with a friend, then leaving as early as reasonably possible in the morning and hoping to make it into work at a decent hour, thus staying late Wednesday night to make up for the time lost. We'll see if i can pull that off without being burned at the stake.

I know i'm being a drama llama, but i do know intellectually that the worst that could happen is either i withdraw, and get some or all of the money back, or i fail and do it again next fall, when hopefully i will have the freedom to attend school full time.

Or i get fired for my absenteeism ;)

Wish me luck, Alternative Scientists!


maddox22 said...

Good luck!

In the spirit of finding something least you only have to do the drive every other week. And at least you only have to take two classes. (Not that that makes things any better, I know.)

Mimi said...

Usually most universities offer a payment plan where you can break up the payments. That's what I'm doing at mine. Good luck!

Yttrai said...

Yes, mimi, that's probably what i'll end up doing!

It doesn't change the fact that i'll be Spending Money. Breaking it up into smaller portions only prolongs the pain ;)

But i appreciate the advice.

The bean-mom said...

Wow, what a schedule. Good luck!!

And I hope that we *can* use this forum to support each other in our careers (alternative or otherwise), as well as offering tips and advice!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Good luck! And I LOVE the term drama llama.

I had a really hard time when interviewing for my current job, because I had to meet at least 7 people, separately, while keeping it hidden from my employer. I had a lot of "doctors appointments" that month (hey, they were appointments. With doctors). I had a lot of 8am and 6pm interviews... it's stressful. Did I mention that this took place the week before my wedding?

Anonymous said...

Much luck to you Yttrai!! Getttterrrrdun.

That will sure be a rotten situation...we'll be here to cheer you on!!

Mad Hatter said...

Wow...that's a rough schedule. Best of luck! And I'd love to hear more about the kinds of teaching positions you're interested in.

Mad Hatter said...