Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another helpful site

Maddox22's question about disclosing salary reminds me of another useful site I wanted to recommend: Science's career forum. It's part of a much larger collection of resources (browse upwards and outwards) that I mostly haven't waded through, although Tooling Up also looks useful.

The forum does have a somewhat weird vibe, but it's an excellent place to ask questions when, say, you need to know what to wear to an interview. The big picture discussions can also be helpful.


The bean-mom said...

I just want to second your recommendation--I find the ScienceCareers forum excellent. There's also a wealth of info on alternative careers on that site, and some great posts on networking (including one I've been meaning to link to...)

CAE said...

I read this site years ago when it was called Next Wave or something similar, and it was extremely useful to me when preparing for my industry interview.