Friday, January 4, 2013

Careers advice for research scientists

(Knock-knock) Alternative Scientist?
(Knock-knock) Alternative Scientist?
(Knock-knock) Alternative Scientist?

Just in case anyone's still reading, I recently came across some articles and resources that may be of interest:
  • from Nature Jobs, an interview with Sarah Blackford, author of "Career Planning for Research Bioscientists" (Wiley-Blackwell) about her own career path;
  •  from Science Careers, a new booklet titled "Career Trends: Industry or Academia: Where do I fit in?" (you may need to be logged into the account to access that link);
  • fnd from my own blog, a list of resources I've put together for my department's trainees (writing, presentations, outreach, academic and alternative career sites etc) - please feel free to add your own suggestions!
Thanks, and may 2013 bring all of you exciting new challenges, whatever career path you've chosen!