Friday, February 26, 2010

Link to a perspective on leaving the bench

I just read this beautiful post on leaving the research bench by Ian Brooks, "Meandering Scholar" at Nature Network.

Go read. He doesn't hide the pain and turmoil he felt in leaving the standard career track, but it seems that he has found his own happy ending.


TR said...

I like the idea of this website but feel like I am too inexperienced even for alternative science careers because I am still finishing my undergrad. Anyways, one of the alternative careers I was considering was scientific illustration, which I have not seen anywhere on this site yet (I just came across the blog today). Do you know anyone who has had experience with this?

The bean-mom said...

TR, I think scientific illustration sounds fascinating, but I myself know nothing about the field. I did find some interesting articles at the ScienceCareers website, however.

Anyone out there want to comment?