Thursday, February 19, 2009

Medical Technology Blurbs

A couple of interesting bits concerning Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science.

1. Went to today and typed in "medical technologist". This brought up 575 hits. Not all of them are Med Tech jobs, but a large portion of them are. As I've said before, it's a job which does not have a lot of people competing for those positions. As of a recent study, over 15,000 Med Tech positions remain unfilled.

2. If you plan on getting your Med Tech B.S. degree, Arizona State University might not be the place you want to do it. They're in the process of cutting almost 4 dozen programs, with their MT program being one of the unfortunates. I've blogged about it, and posted a letter from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) advocacy branch which is asking ASU to reconsider. If you think this vital source of training for good jobs needs to remain open ... click on the link, fill out your information, and have the advocacy group send out emails to the relevant ASU officials for you.


Ivory said...

Don't worry - the university got so many letters of protest about this move they are backing away from closing the program and instead are looking at other options for saving money. It is fairly difficult to get into these programs but if you manage it, you can make great money - and if you want a faculty position, this is a great way to go because there are few people who qualify for these positions - some stay open for a year or more because no one applies.

Thomas Joseph said...

Glad to hear that ASU is backing down from this one. In regards to the faculty positions ... I concur. When I was looking for full-time employment after my post-doc, I applied (and was offered) such a position. They actually threw a fair amount of startup money at me as well (over a quarter million). Unfortunately (for them), I was offered positions which paid more (off the bat, and with better options at raises) and allowed me to devote more time to do research.